9 Apps for inspections on Site

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Using tablets or smartphones for inspections on site and project collaboration through apps and other cloud based solutions is getting more and more momentum the last 10 years and it’s definitely here to stay. READ ALSO: 7 more great Apps for inspections and Snagging on Site Here are 9 apps/solutions which can be used for Quality Control, punching and … Read more

How BIM technology can transform Quality Management in Construction Industry

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BIM Technology is becoming more and more a reality in the construction industry every day. It’s definitely the most attractive innovation we’ve seen in the industry since the CAD technology swept away pencils, rulers and rapidographs. We have all probably heard about the ways that BIM can transform the Design, Cost Controlling, Procurement and Planning of a project. But what … Read more

7 Cloud-based collaborative solutions for construction industry

Document Control management is probably one of the most fundamental and important processes of the Quality Management system of any construction project. We are not talking about rocket science here, but today’s large infrastructure and Oil & Gas Projects involve so many stakeholders, trades, people and processes that could make things far more complicated than they actually are. Documents, Drawings … Read more

7 More Apps for inspections on site

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About a month ago, we presented 9 great Apps for Inspections on Site: Click here to see the 9 Apps for Inspections and Snagging  We received many emails from readers, introducing us to even more Apps and tools for managing checklists, QA/QC Forms, Inspections Data, Reports and snagging processes. So, we are now presenting you 7 … Read more

Interview with Doug Chambers from FIELDLENS

UPDATE 2022: In 2017, Fieldlens was acquired by WeWork and it has actually dissapeared from the market completely in 2020 and it is now owned by RedTeam. Doug Chambers is not involved anymore with Fieldlens. It’s not a secret anymore that there is a digital revolution the last years in construction industry, which seems very … Read more

Interview with Andrew Bowles from AUTODESK’s BIM360

Tablets, apps and lately wearables are here to stay and to change our lives forever. With slow but steady steps, construction industry will probably become one of the most fascinating applications of these new technologies. We have recently presented 9 Apps for Inspections at a construction project and later on we came back with 7 more Apps for … Read more

Interview with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt: A Free Tool for Construction Projects.


UPDATE 2022: Geniebelt is now Letsbuilt Apps and SaaS tools for construction industry will soon become a very prominent part of an Engineer’s everyday life at any construction project, anywhere in the world (if not yet). We recently had the opportunity to chat with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt which is a new and free cloud app for construction projects that helps tidying up … Read more

5 Problems With Online Collaboration and Document Management Tools in Construction Industry

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Online Collaboration and Document Management Cloud solutions for construction industry are everywhere these days. Here are three lists of Apps and Cloud tools for Document Control and Inspections that are on the market at the moment: 7 Cloud-based collaborative solutions for construction industry 9 Apps for inspections on Site 7 More Apps for inspections on site Also, a … Read more

Use of tablets for Site Inspections

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The use of tablets for Site inspections is probably the biggest revolution in the construction industry since the introduction of CAD about 30 years ago. On the other hand, tablets are probably the first computer that is being used on the field (excluding of course calculators and laptops for special uses). There are many solutions in the … Read more

Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1

UPDATE 2022: Priority1 is now Viewpoint Fieldview Digitization of construction industry, is gaining more momentum with the Use of Tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. We have recently presented 9 Apps for Inspections at a construction project and later on we came back with 7 more Apps … Read more