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5 Cloud-based collaborative solutions for the construction industry

Document Control management is probably one of the most fundamental and important processes of the Quality Management system of any construction project.

This is not rocket science.

Today’s large infrastructure Projects involve so many stakeholders, trades, people, companies and they have so many complicated processes that things can become far more complicated than they actually are.

Documents, Drawings and Records today, have to be submitted, reviewed, approved, commented, red-lined, handed over and retained for a certain period of time.

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Contractors, Subcontractors, Clients and Designers have to exchange correspondece, claims, warnings, instructions and a million other contractual documents between themselves during the lifecycle of a project.

All this information could easily become chaos without the right tools from Day 1 (and most of the time even before that) of a project’s lifecycle.

Though construction industry is considered quite resistant on new technologies and tools, there has been a real booming of online collaboration and Document Management solutions in the market the last decade.

And as almost everything else in the tech industry nowadays, these solutions are now also offered as Cloud-based platforms (or SaaS: Software As a Servicereducing the IT costs of a project significantly.

Here are 5 online Cloud-based (SaaS) collaboration tools for construction projects (in random order):

Trimble Viewpoint




BENTLEY Systems (ProjectWise)

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Pavlos Inglesis
I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng-MICE) and a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI CQP) working in the construction industry for about 20 years. My specialty is Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management in Construction Projects. I have worked on projects in the Middle East, and Greece and am now based in the UK.

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