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Welcome to the largest online resource for Quality Management in Construction industry.

My name is Pavlos Inglesis and I have been working in the construction industry as a Quality Professional since 2005 (I am actually a Chartered Civil Engineer – CEng MICE).

This website contains valuable information in regards to quality control, quality assurance and quality management systems in the construction industry (but not limited to that).

Download the Inspection & Test Plan Template (ITP) for Construction Projects – in Excel Format

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how to measure quality in construction projects

How to Measure Quality in Construction Projects

One of the main difficulties and differences between the construction industry compared to the typical controlled manufacturing environment, is the way things are measured and monitored. If you are working in a quality role in construction, then you know the inherent difficulties on how to measure quality in construction projects and how challenging it can … Read more
quality toolbox talk topics

Quality Toolbox Talk Topics in Construction

A Quality Toolbox Talk in Construction can be an essential tool, as these presentations are usually the best way to deliver a message in regards to quality management or quality control in construction and to brief the teams on and off site for something that occured, an NCR in construction or to prepare them for … Read more
RFI construction

RFI in Construction : A Complete Guide

RFIs are one of the most important and useful processes in today’s construction projects and it is an extremely important tool for every size and type of construction projects. So, let’s have a look on what the RFIs are and how they are used in construction management today. What does RFI mean? RFI stands for … Read more
itp construction

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) in construction

During the construction of a Project , the Client and his representatives are in a continuous need of objective evidence that the works are performed as they should be. That evidence is collected with the ITP in Construction. What is an Inspection Test Plan in construction? ITP in construction means “Inspection and Test Plan”, and it is … Read more
best construction apps for snagging

Best Apps for Construction Snagging

Managing the construction snagging through an app is the standard nowadays, as these platforms are making everyone’s life easier on-site with their sleek interfaces and cloud-based collaboration tools. This is a list of the best apps for construction snagging (in random order). These are all apps and software that can be used for Quality Control, … Read more
How to close ncr in construction

How To Close an NCR in Construction

By far the best way to close an NCR in construction is by following up the actions that have been agreed and then make sure they have been implemented. This obviously sounds easier than it is in reality, as there might be several different teams involved and even several different companies in many cases that … Read more
quality failures construction

VIDEO: Top 5 Worst Quality Failures in Construction

These are the 5 worst Quality Failures in Construction and Building industry: 5. Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse, Kansas City , USA 19814. Deepwater Rig Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico, 20103. Sampoong Department Store Collapse, S.Korea, 19952. Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse, Bangladesh, 20131. Banquiao Dam Collapse, China, 1975
quality dashboard

Quality Dashboard for Construction Projects: what’s in it?

Directors love them. Project Managers love them. Clients love them. Everybody loves fancy Dashboards with statistics and charts nowadays! Everybody loves KPIs! Or are they? To be fair, Dashboards provide a simple way of representing useful Data and information to the decision-makers and thus they should be simple, concise and provide only the data that really matter. As … Read more
ncr in construction

What is an NCR in Construction

NCR is one of the most fundamental tools for Quality Management and Quality Control in modern Construction Projects. Because it actually has a very bad reputation as an acronym in the industry, it is important to understand how it can actually be used in construction today and how a construction project and a construction company … Read more
quality audits construction

7 Practical Rules to follow when auditing in a Construction Project

Let’s have a look on some very critical rules that have to be followed when auditing in a Construction Project: 1. The audittee (the person who will be audited) should be notified well in advance : (in my opinion 2 weeks before the audit is the minimum) – Audit Schedule and notifications have to be in a written format (at least an email notification has … Read more
hyatt regency kansas city collapse skywalk

How an NCR on a Design Change killed 114 People in a few seconds (Hyatt Regency Kansas City Collapse)

Everybody who works in construction knows that things can go wrong. Everybody knows that even the slightest mistake or lapse somewhere can lead to a disaster.  Nonconformities in construction industry not only lead to “waste” or “dissatisfied” customers.  Nonconformities in construction can literally kill people. Unfortuantely, that was the case for the infamous Hyatt Regency hotel walkway collapse … Read more
how to write an itp

How To Write an ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) in Construction

Inspection and Test Plans are probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project so knowing how to write an ITP is a skill that can help you a lot, as it’s not being taught in engineering schools these days. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on-site easy; it will define each party’s responsibilities during … Read more

Top 10 typical NCRs in a Construction Project

The construction industry is one of the most unpredictable and exciting environments to work in. But at some point, we have to accept the fact that there will be problems (or as we call them nonconformities in quality management), there will be things that will go wrong and we should be there to fix them and … Read more
quality kpi

7 Quality Metrics in Construction Projects

There are lots of Quality Metrics in construction projects that can assist in monitoring the performance of a project or a company. Among the many types of statistics that are being kept and followed up during the construction of a Project, quality metrics are often overlooked or not given the importance they should have. In reality, most … Read more
quality procedures

Quality Procedures for a Construction Project

In order for a construction company or a construction project to function properly, internal processes and procedures that set up the framework of its basic operational activities are almost always required. ISO:9001 clearly specifies which Procedures need to be documented in order to fulfil the standard’s minimum requirements. These are the following 6: Taking into acount the complexity of (especially) … Read more
construction meeting

Management Review Meetings in a Construction Project

Management Review is definitely a clear and important requirement of the ISO:9001 standard. And I want to be clear from the start: it is a boring and sometimes unnecessary requirement in my opinion. Many people in the construction industry believe that the Management Review in the form of a 6-month or annual meetings is a waste of time. And they are probably right… The … Read more
construction audits

7 Types of Construction Audits

Construction Internal Audits are an integral part of any Quality Management System (QMS) and a fundamental requirement of the ISO:9001 Standard. However, things can be quite different if the audit refers to the quality management system (QMS) of a project or of a construction company. Carrying out Internal Audits is critical for the identification of any … Read more
ncr construction

2 main categories of NCRs in a Construction Site

An NCR (nonconformity Report) is a nightmare for everyone in the construction industry (but really it shouldn’t be…). It’s a nightmare for the teams on-site because their work is being judged and they probably have to spend time (and money…) to rework or repair. It’s a nightmare for the commercial teams of a Project because an NCR might lead to significant claims … Read more
quality in construction

The holly grail of “Collaboration in Construction”

There is no doubt there is a revolution happening in construction industry during the last 5 years. This revolution is not happening on 3D printing, amazing new materials or innovative design (as many viral videos have you believe) but on the field of project and construction management which is probably where all the problems start. … Read more

5 Ways To Raise Quality Awareness At Your Site

So you are the new Quality Manager of a new amazing construction project. Great! But you want to make things different this time. You probably want to build a great relationship with your Client and their representatives, you would like to focus on engaging your workforce into a “quality” and “Right First Time” culture, promote a proactive … Read more
bim construction

How BIM technology can transform Quality Management in Construction Industry

BIM Technology is becoming more and more a reality in the construction industry every day. It’s definitely the most attractive innovation we’ve seen in the industry since the CAD technology swept away pencils, rulers and rapidographs that were the norm after WW2. We have all probably heard about the ways that BIM could transform the Design, Cost Controlling, Procurement and … Read more
quality management argument

10 Reasons of Why everybody hates Quality Managers in Construction

If you are a Quality Manager who has worked in at least 3 construction projects you would probably start recognising a pattern: other people on site (even your management sometimes…) hate you! They don’t hate you personally but they hate your role and what you are trying to do. So…here is why: I am obviously … Read more

Why I hate CARs and why you Should Avoid them in construction

CAR is a well known abbreviation to everyone who works in a Quality- related role across all industries (and not only in construction). CAR stands for “Corrective Action Report”. Corrective Actions are probably representing the essence of Quality Management and Lean techniques: you should provide a solution that will fight the root cause of the … Read more

NHQA: A Quality Award for Home Builders in North America

There is nothing more rewarding for a company or organization than a industry recognised award for quality and excellence. Of course, it’s all about profitability and repeating business but there is nothing more satisfying for a business owner in construction industry than getting recognised for driving excellence in every aspect of their business. There is no … Read more
document control construction

7 Tips for proper Document Controlling in a construction site

Document Control in a construction site is a very critical process and not settng it up properly from day 0 of the project, could have significant implications to the final product (or project ). It’s also a quality procedure that needs to be written (and most of the times approved by the Project Manager/Client of the Project) Every … Read more

5 Cloud-based collaborative solutions for the construction industry

Document Control management is probably one of the most fundamental and important processes of the Quality Management system of any construction project. This is not rocket science. Today’s large infrastructure Projects involve so many stakeholders, trades, people, companies and they have so many complicated processes that things can become far more complicated than they actually are. Documents, Drawings and Records … Read more
quality management books

5 Amazing Books For Quality (Not Only In Construction) That Everybody Should Read

These are some great reads for everyone involved in quality management in construction (and not only…) :  1. The Machine That Changed The World ,  by James P. Womack , Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Whether you in Quality or not, this is a great read for anyone interested In modern management and how the Japanese revolutionized mass production … Read more

Constructing Without Design. Yes, It Happens More Often Than You May Think…

There are sometimes that you may think an uncomfortable situation is only happening to you, whereas the reality may shock you. That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago when I asked a question on our Linkedin Group about starting construction without having the design in hand. I asked that in our LinkedIn Group because i was extremely … Read more
windows 95

5 Problems With Online Collaboration and Document Management Tools in Construction Industry

Online Collaboration and Document Management Cloud solutions for construction industry are everywhere these days. Aquick look on Paul Wilkinson’s excellent Extranet Evolution Blog will probably tell you this is a booming and very dynamic market at the moment. However, there are still some major obstacles that, in my opinion hold this market back . Here’s a list of … Read more

Interview with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt: A Free Tool for Construction Projects.

UPDATE 2022: Geniebelt is now Letsbuilt Apps and SaaS tools for construction industry will soon become a very prominent part of an Engineer’s everyday life at any construction project, anywhere in the world (if not yet). I recently had the opportunity to chat with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt which is a new and free cloud app for construction projects that helps tidying up … Read more
document control construction

Use of tablets for Site Inspections

The use of tablets for Site inspections is probably the biggest revolution in the construction industry since the introduction of CAD about 30 years ago. On the other hand, tablets are probably the first computer that is being used on the field (excluding of course calculators and laptops for special uses). There are many solutions in the … Read more

Interview with Andrew Bowles from AUTODESK’s BIM360

Tablets, apps and lately wearables are here to stay and to change our lives forever. With slow but steady steps, construction industry will probably become one of the most fascinating applications of these new technologies. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Andrew Bowles , Territory Manager (EMEA)  of  Autodesk’s BIM360  about their solution and about the new technologies … Read more

Thoughts after 4 years on Europe’s largest infrastructure projects

In 2012, I was given the opportunity to work in one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world at that moment: Crossrail in London, UK. Unfortunately, every journey comes to an end and even though Crossrail is not yet finished (the line officially opens in 2018) my role has come to an end. I … Read more

What You Need To Know About CE Marking new requirements (Resources and Documents)

There has been a lot of confusion, misunderstandings and buzz lately about the new requirement of CE Marking for Construction products and materials within the EU and more recently within UK (1st of July 2013). All of these, lead to manufacturers running like headless chickens to get accredited the last days before the deadline, Clients … Read more

Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1

UPDATE 2022: Priority1 is now Viewpoint Fieldview The digitization of the construction industry is gaining more momentum with the use of tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms, which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Richard Scott , Managing Director of Mobile Computing Systems Ltd, about … Read more

How ISO:9001 2015 Revision impacts Construction

Big News! The new revision of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard is out in all of its glory and it’s bringing quite a lot of changes for organizations and quality professionals. As per IRCA’s and ISO’s statistics, in 2013 there were 1.6 million certificates issued globally and a good percentage of these certificates have to do … Read more

Interview with Doug Chambers from FIELDLENS

UPDATE 2022: In 2017, Fieldlens was acquired by WeWork and it has actually dissapeared from the market completely in 2020 and it is now owned by RedTeam. Doug Chambers is not involved anymore with Fieldlens. It’s not a secret anymore that there is a digital revolution the last years in construction industry, which seems very … Read more
google glass bim construction

Ok Glass. Capture that NCR.

It seems like ages ago when people first suggested the use of tablets at construction sites, but today it feels more like something we are all waiting to see it becoming a pretty standard technology in the industry like previous decades were all about CAD solutions, Total Survey Stations or even…computers themselves. Without a doubt … Read more

6 TIPS for writing a good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

Inspection and Test Plans are probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on site easy, it will define each party’s responsibilities during the works and after all it will be the “Bible” for compiling the As-Built Packages at the end of the works. More than anything else, the ITP is the … Read more
sink hole dene hole

Things are not always what they seem

A 15ft-deep hole appeared on M2 motorway in Kent, UK on 11th of February 2014. The 15ft chasm that has closed the motorway, also caused traffic chaos across the area in UK and it was backfilled within a week with 40tn of pea shingle material which was used to stabilise the hole.  Geotechnical investigations also confirmed that … Read more
911 collapse

Was the Collapse of WTC 9/11 a quality issue…?

It’s been 13 years since the Collapse of the WTC buildings on the 9/11/2001. I will not re-produce the thousands of conspiracy theories about the event (a Google search turns up about 16.000.000 results..)  but it’s always good to trust Science, Engineering and…common sense.In the Documentary above, you can watch the very interesting story of Professor Steven E. Jones who … Read more

HANDS HQ : An Online Cloud Tool That Will Transform Completely The Way You Manage Method Statements & Risk Assessments

Normally, I don’t really talk about Health & Safety stuff on this website but I recently discovered an online tool that seems really promising. The tool is called HandsHQ and it is introducing a new and innovative way for managing and producing H&S documentation at any construction site. We recently  had a chat with Alexander Green  who is the CEO and Founder of HandsHQ, where … Read more

New Survey: Non-conforming products widely used in Australian Construction industry

According to a new Survey that was published by the Australian Industry Group , non-conforming products that do not comply with local regulations are widely used in the construction industry in Australia. The online survey analysed products from the following sectors: steel, electrical, glass, aluminium, engineered wood and paint According to the respondents of the survey: – 92%  of 222 respondent companies reported non-conforming product … Read more

Building London Underground. Glimpse to a simpler era…

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in UK has recently published an amazing video (watch below) to celebrate London Underground’s 150 years. On 10 January 1863 the first train travelled from Farringdon to Paddington and today London’s Tube apart from being the oldest metro system in the world, it’s also one of the biggest. Its construction started many … Read more

What is “Quality” in a Construction Project…?

In the 60′s and 70′s, there has been a real revolution in the mass production of products like cars with the introduction of Lean Quality Management (or Total Quality Management – TQM). Toyota famously led the way on that. What was the concept behind it? You may do mistakes but when you do them, try … Read more