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Welcome to the “Quality In Construction” webpage – an online resource for Quality Control and Quality Assurance in the construction industry.

That’s my must-have corporate picture. I still remember that photoshoot day, because I had to wear that suit. I hate suits and ties but undoubtedly, it does produce a good headshot for Linkedin (which is another online place that I dislike). 1 hour after the shot I was wearing my PPE and I was on site

My name is Pavlos Inglesis (Linkedin) and my mission is to provide awareness on the subject of Quality Management in the Construction industry and if possible, answer any questions you may have. I am just passionate about it (weird, I know…).

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng-MICE) and a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI-CQP) currently living in London, UK. I have worked on many construction projects in the UK and the Middle East as a Quality Manager or QA/QC Manager since 2005, when I started my career and graduated from the University with a Master’s Degree in Structural Design on Earthquake Resistant Structures (yes, we do have earthquakes in Greece).

My journey in Quality Management in Construction mostly started after I started working as a Quality Engineer in a large highway project in Greece called Olympia Odos and then moved on to Qatar and finally in the UK where I worked in Crossrail and a few other companies and project along the way.

I started this website back in 2014 to cover Quality Management and Quality Control in construction projects with things that bothered me as a Quality professional, and I couldn’t find any reliable information on the internet or even a place to discuss them with other like-minded people.

I am a big fan of Technology in construction and I am honestly surprised by the inefficiencies and the “waste” that modern construction companies allow to slip into their projects.

It is extremely frustrating to see large organizations unable to prevent the silliest nonconformances or mishaps.

As per this report from 2016 the cost from process waste and errors in the industry is £10bn-£25bn.

Holly Molly bananas…! This is bigger than the GDP of Jamaica!

Surely, there must be a better way of doing things in this industry, and in my opinion, embracing technology and lean practices is the only way to go. It’s what would make the difference in the future.

I am also a true believer in just making our planet and our societies a better place through understanding, common sense and pure love for what we are good at. Deep down, my “inner hippie” still believes that a construction project is built for people by people (and not just for the money).

Quality Management is there to make everyone’s life easier and more efficient, at the end of the day and that requires a significant cultural change in an organization.

Quality In Construction website is now read by more than 10,000 people every month and I really hope you find something useful on it.

In any case, you can contact me about anything at [email protected]

Thanks for visiting!

Pavlos Inglesis