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Best Apps for Construction Snagging

Managing the construction snagging through an app is the standard nowadays, as these platforms are making everyone’s life easier on-site with their sleek interfaces and cloud-based collaboration tools. This is a list of the best apps for construction snagging (in random order). These are all apps and software that can be used for Quality Control, nonconformities, punching and snagging inspections in a construction project. They are all very similar and very different in some ways, with some offering lots of “bells and whistles” and others being more “spartan”.

As you may know, I am a big fan of using technology to collect data from the site or even off of it. It is not an easy task as things keep on changing literally every hour on a live construction site with hundreds of people working simultaneously.

Nevertheless, the following tools can make the data collection a bit easier and more comfortable to everyone who is involved in that process.

Download the Inspection & Test Plan Template (ITP) for Construction Projects – in Excel Format

I keep on updating this list to keep it as fresh as possible but if you are using an app that has helped you in your construction project, then feel free to contact me, so that I add it to the list.

So , this is the list of the best apps for construction snagging:

1. AUTODESK BIM360 Field

Autodesk doesn’t really need any specific introduction as it is the leader on the design management and CAD applications for decades. BIM360 is Autodesk’s solution to construction snagging and not managing quality control on site.

2. Letsbuild

Letsbuild is a company based in Denmark and in Luxemburg offering a suite of apps and tools to manage planning, Site Diaries, punching, communication and collaboration on a construction site.

3. SnagR

SnagR is mainly a snagging tool with long history in the UK and the Middle East offering a robust solution for managing the snagging process along with statistics dashboards and metrics.

4. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a US Company offering a snagging app that now serves more than 1 million job sites worldwide, incorporating instant messaging, scheduling, punching in a very slick and modern interface.

5. Inspect2go

Inspect2Go is used in any type of inspection (not only in construction) with a more generic and catch-ll feel.

6. Plangrid

Plangrid (now part of Autodesk Build Suite) offers a very slick and robust platform to manage RFIs, snagging, punching and communication on a construction site.

7. GoCanvas

GoCanvas is based in the US and offers a very flexible tool for creating any type of form that can then collect data to be read and analyzed as needed.

8. BlueBeam

Bluebeam has a very long history in document and pdf management in the construction industry, but it also offers excellent markup, snagging and collaboration tools.

9. FieldID

FieldID is mostly for inspections on equipment and machinery but it can also be used for snagging and punching.

10. Trimble Viewpoint FieldView

Trimble Viewpoint Fieldview offers a solution for snagging, forms and handover for any construction project.

11. iSnag

iSang offers an app dedicated to snagging only with limited other capabilities.

12. Planradar

Planradar is a company based in Austria offering a very robust and modern snagging and collaboration app for use in construction projects, in real estate or elsewhere.


ACCEDE is a company based in Australia (now part of the WicketWorks) offering a platform and an app for the defects management in a construction project.

14. ISSMan

ISSMan is a company based in Denmark offering a snagging and punching app that can also be exported into a Word or Excel format.

15. Snagbricks

Snagbricks offers an app for Site Audits and Defects management in construction.


So, that is my list of the best apps for construction snagging but I keep on updating this list to include even more and make it as most up to date as possible. Many of these apps have lots of similarities in their interface and UI and some are most limited than others in what they can or cannot do. It goes without saying that this list is not exhaustive and if you are using any of these you are already a winner in the digitization front.

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Pavlos Inglesis
I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng-MICE) and a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI CQP) working in the construction industry for about 20 years. My specialty is Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management in Construction Projects. I have worked on projects in the Middle East, and Greece and am now based in the UK.

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