Ok Glass. Capture that NCR.

google glass bim construction

It seems like ages ago when people first suggested the use of tablets at construction sites, but today it feels more like something we are all waiting to see it becoming a pretty standard technology in the industry like previous decades were all about CAD solutions, Total Survey Stations or even…computers themselves. Without a doubt … Read more

HANDS HQ : An Online Cloud Tool That Will Transform Completely The Way You Manage Method Statements & Risk Assessments


Normally, we don’t really talk about Health & Safety stuff at QualityInConstruction.com but we recently discovered an online tool that seems really promising. The tool is called HandsHQ and it is introducing a new and innovative way for managing and producing H&S documentation at any construction site. We recently  had a chat with Alexander Green  who is the CEO and Founder of HandsHQ, where we discussed … Read more