Quality Procedures for a Construction Project

quality procedures

In order for a construction company or a construction project to function properly, internal processes and procedures that will set up the frame of its basic operational activities are almost always required . ISO:9001 – 2008 clearly specifies which Procedures need to be documented in order to fulfill the standard’s minimum requirements. These are the following 6: Taking into acount … Read more

DOWNLOAD: NCR Follow-up Register and Statistics Dashboard for Construction Projects

NCR Tracker spreadsheet download

This is a very simple Excel Spreadsheet for following up the NCRs of a construction project (and not only). Download the NCR Tracker for Construction Projects It covers all the important data that need to be recorded in an NCR like location, activity, owner, closure date, cost, corrective actions and several dates. Click here to read more about … Read more

7 types of Quality Audits in a Construction Project

quality audit

Quality Audits are an integral part of any Quality Management System and a fundamental requirement of ISO:9001 Standard. However, in Construction industry things may differ a lot regarding the Audits Schedule and Audits Strategy. This is because normally in a construction project there is no long term planning (if we are only talking about a Project … Read more

6 TIPS for writing a good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

Inspection and Test Plans are probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on site easy, it will define each party’s responsibilities during the works and after all it will be the “Bible” for compiling the As-Built Packages at the end of the works. More than anything else, the ITP is the … Read more

7 Tips for proper Document Controlling in a construction site

document control construction

Document Control in a construction site is a very critical process and not settng it up properly from day 0 of the project, could have significant implications to the final product ( or project ). It’s also a quality procedure that needs to be written (and most of the times approved by the Project Manager/Client of the Project) … Read more

Management Review Meetings in a Construction Project

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Posted by PIN on Sep 1, 2013 in ISO 9001 | 0 comments Management Review is definitely a clear and important requirement of the ISO:9001 standard. There are many people in the construction industry, who believe that the Management Review in the form of a 6-month or annual meetings is a waste of time. And they are probably right… The main single purpose of a Management Review within an organization, is … Read more

7 Practical Rules to follow when auditing in a Construction Project

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Let’s have a look on some very critical rules that have to be followed when auditing in a Construction Project: 1. The audittee (the person who will be audited) should be notified well in advance : (in my opinion 2 weeks before the audit is the minimum) – Audit Schedule and notification has to be in a written format (at least an email notification has … Read more