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Top Construction Failures of All Time

Construction is one of the most unpredicting and risky environments for someone to work in and it’s no secret that humanity has actually learned how some structures must be built by learning from its failures. Construction failures are not frequent (thankfully…), but whenever they have occurred in the history of mankind, they caused a complete … Read more

Things are not always what they seem

A 15ft-deep hole appeared on M2 motorway in Kent, UK on 11th of February 2014. The 15ft chasm that has closed the motorway, also caused traffic chaos across the area in UK and it was backfilled within a week with 40tn of pea shingle material which was used to stabilise the hole.  Geotechnical investigations also confirmed that … Read more

VIDEO: Top 5 Worst Quality Failures in Construction

These are the 5 worst Quality Failures in Construction and Building industry: 5. Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse, Kansas City , USA 19814. Deepwater Rig Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico, 20103. Sampoong Department Store Collapse, S.Korea, 19952. Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse, Bangladesh, 20131. Banquiao Dam Collapse, China, 1975

QUALITY ALERT: Wind Turbine collapses in Northern Ireland !

On the 2nd of January 2015, a 80-metre wind turbine has collapsed in Northern Ireland. The turbine was one of 8 on the Screggagh wind farm on Murley mountain near Fintona in County Tyrone of Northern Ireland. People in the industry said this was a very unusual incident because the winds were light at the time and it is still not clear … Read more

How an NCR on a Design Change killed 114 People in a few seconds (Hyatt Regency Kansas City Collapse)

Everybody who works in construction knows that things can go wrong. Everybody knows that even the slightest mistake or lapse somewhere can lead to a disaster. Nonconformities in construction industry don’t only lead to “waste” or “dissatisfied” customers. Nonconformities in construction can have disastrous consequences. That was the case for the famous Hyatt Regency hotel walkway collapse in USA. The Hyatt … Read more

Quality Alert: Steel bolts break on Cheesegrater skyscraper in London !

A major quality failure has recently been recorded last Tuesday in London, UK. An area around the 47-storey Leadenhall Building in the city of London has been cordoned off because a part of a bolt from the frame of the building fell on the ground, fortunately not causing any casualties. The bolt actually fell from the 5th floor to the ground … Read more

VIDEO: Was the Collapse of WTC 9/11 a quality issue…?

It’s been 13 years since the Collapse of the WTC buildings on the 9/11/2001. I will not re-produce the thousands of conspiracy theories about the event (a Google search turns up about 16.000.000 results..)  but it’s always good to trust Science, Engineering and…common sense.In the Documentary above, you can watch the very interesting story of Professor Steven E. Jones who … Read more

World’s Worst Road in Russia: Would that be an NCR?

Looking like it has been subjected to an aerial bombardment or major earth tremor this stretch of road has been branded the most dangerous in Russia. While motorists and cyclists elsewhere in the world may complain about the state of the nation’s highways and byways, spare a thought for those road-users in the area of Yaroslavl, located … Read more

Brazil’s Arena Fonte Nova stadium suffers roof collapse

A Brazilian stadium which is due to host Confederations Cup matches in June has suffered a partial collapse of its roof, after an apparent build-up of rainwater. Workers at the Arena Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador had to bail out water from another section to try to prevent it from collapsing. There were no initial … Read more