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World’s Worst Road in Russia: Would that be an NCR?

Looking like it has been subjected to an aerial bombardment or major earth tremor this stretch of road has been branded the most dangerous in Russia.

While motorists and cyclists elsewhere in the world may complain about the state of the nation’s highways and byways, spare a thought for those road-users in the area of Yaroslavl, located some 160 miles north east of Moscow.

It is known locally as the Olympic road, having been built more than 30 years ago for the 1980 Summer Games, hosted by the then Soviet Union.

But its current crater-strewn, lunar-like appearance gives no indication of its former glory.

So…would that be an NCR?

Note: To be fair enough, if the road’s design life was 5 years or even 1 month for 1980 Summer Olympics then it is definitely not an NCR because it fulfilled the requirements…(strictly speaking)

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Pavlos Inglesis
I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng-MICE) and a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI CQP) working in the construction industry for about 20 years. My specialty is Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management in Construction Projects. I have worked on projects in the Middle East, and Greece and am now based in the UK.

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