Top Construction Failures of All Time

Construction is one of the most unpredicting and risky environments for someone to work in and it’s no secret that humanity has actually learned how some structures must be built by learning from its failures. Construction failures are not frequent (thankfully…), but whenever they have occurred in the history of mankind, they caused a complete catastrophe with significant loss of lives and massive financial consequences of the companies, the towns, the communities or the countries that they were involved.

Here are the Biggest Construction Failures of all time:

  1. Sampoong Department Store – Seoul, South Korea (1995)
  2. Hyatt Regency Walkway – Kansas City, USA (1981)
  3. Tacoma Narrows Bridge – Washington, USA (1940)
  4. Versailles Wedding Hall – Jerusalem, Israel (2001)
  5. Banqiao Dam – Zhumadian City, China (1975)
  6. Rana Plaza Building – Dhaka, Bangladesh (2013)
  7. Tower of Pisa – Pisa, Italy (1378)
  8. Surfside Condominium Building Collapse – Miami, USA (2021)
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Pavlos Inglesis
I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng-MICE) and a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI CQP) working in the construction industry for about 20 years. My specialty is Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management in Construction Projects. I have worked on projects in the Middle East, and Greece and am now based in the UK.

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