Qualifications for Quality Management professionals in construction industry

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Professional world is devided in 2 categories. The first category includes people who can describe what they do for living in a single word like: Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Teacher, Architect, Barber, Cook, Accountant etc. Usually these are really old professions which are in great demand during any type of crisis (wars, recessions etc) and some … Read more

5 Amazing Books For Quality (Not Only In Construction) That Everybody Should Read

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These are some great reads for everyone involved in quality management in construction (and not only…) :  1. The Machine That Changed The World ,  by James P. Womack , Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Whether you in Quality or not, this is a great read for anyone interested In modern management and how the Japanese revolutionized mass production … Read more

Building London Underground. Glimpse to a simpler era…

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in UK has recently published an amazing video (watch below) to celebrate London Underground’s 150 years. On 10 January 1863 the first train travelled from Farringdon to Paddington and today London’s Tube apart from being the oldest metro system in the world, it’s also one of the biggest. Its construction started many … Read more