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The holly grail of “Collaboration in Construction”

There is no doubt there is a revolution happening in construction industry during the last 5 years. This revolution is not happening on 3D printing, amazing new materials or innovative design (as many viral videos have you believe) but on the field of project and construction management which is probably where all the problems start. … Read more

Building London Underground. Glimpse to a simpler era…

The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in UK has recently published an amazing video (watch below) to celebrate London Underground’s 150 years. On 10 January 1863 the first train travelled from Farringdon to Paddington and today London’s Tube apart from being the oldest metro system in the world, it’s also one of the biggest. Its construction started many … Read more

What is “Quality” in a Construction Project…?

In the 60′s and 70′s, there has been a real revolution in the mass production of products like cars with the introduction of Lean Quality Management (or Total Quality Management – TQM). Toyota famously led the way on that. What was the concept behind it? You may do mistakes but when you do them, try … Read more