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The Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is a fundamental document for the Quality Control of any construction project or even a factory production line.

An ITP is the document that everyone is looking for in order to carry out the required testing that will prove the final product conform to the specifications and the design.

Download the Inspection & Test Plan Template (ITP) for Construction Projects – in Excel Format

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Download the Inspection & Test Plan Template (ITP) for Concrete Works – in Excel Format

concrete testing
Fresh Concrete slump testing is one of the most common tests that have to be specified in a relevant Concrete ITP, as it’s usually required worldwide in any construction project

The Following must be present in any ITP:

  • the item/activity that will be checked/inspected/tested (e.g.concrete strength)
  • the document that requires this item to be checked (usually it is in the contract or design specification / standard)
  • the document that according to, this item will be inspected/tested (usually a standard or a statutory requirement)
  • the kind of inspection that needs to be performed (visual inspection, document approval etc)
  • the frequency that this inspection needs to be performed (e.g. for concrete slump test = once for every track)
  • the objective criteria/tolerance parameters that will determine if the inspection or test for that activity has passed or failed
  • the kind of document that will be prepared and saved as a record of pass or failure (usually a signed-off form,a checksheet, a testing machine print-out, a photo or a report etc)
  • if this record needs to be a deliverable, meaning that it needs to be kept and handed over to the Client at the end of the Project as part of the As-Built Folders
  • the responsibilities of every party involved (Contractor, QC Engineer, Client’s Representative etc) which can be a Hold POint, a Witness Point, a Review Point etc

The responsibilities for every party that is involved in the inspection or testing activity are usually simplified with a codified system of responsibilities as following:

H= Hold Point (the party has to perform this check and it needs to be successful in order to proceed to the next stage of the construction)

W= Witness Point (the party e.g. Client has to be informed that a test is being performed but its presence and signature is not obligatory to move on to the next stage)

R= Review Point (the party has only to review the record/document that the check has been done and it passed)

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