10 Reasons of Why everybody hates Quality Managers in Construction

quality management argument

If you are a Quality Manager who has worked in at least 3 construction projects you would probably start recognising a pattern: other people on site (even your management sometimes…) hate you! They don’t hate you personally but they hate your role and what you are trying to do. So…here is why: I am obviously … Read more

5 Amazing Books For Quality (Not Only In Construction) That Everybody Should Read

quality management books

These are some great reads for everyone involved in quality management in construction (and not only…) :  1. The Machine That Changed The World ,  by James P. Womack , Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos Whether you in Quality or not, this is a great read for anyone interested In modern management and how the Japanese revolutionized mass production … Read more

Quality Alert: Steel bolts break on Cheesegrater skyscraper in London !

cheesegrater london

A major quality failure has recently been recorded last Tuesday in London, UK. An area around the 47-storey Leadenhall Building in the city of London has been cordoned off because a part of a bolt from the frame of the building fell on the ground, fortunately not causing any casualties. The bolt actually fell from the 5th floor to the ground … Read more

Use of tablets for Site Inspections

document control construction

The use of tablets for Site inspections is probably the biggest revolution in the construction industry since the introduction of CAD about 30 years ago. On the other hand, tablets are probably the first computer that is being used on the field (excluding of course calculators and laptops for special uses). There are many solutions in the … Read more

Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1

UPDATE 2022: Priority1 is now Viewpoint Fieldview Digitization of construction industry, is gaining more momentum with the Use of Tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. We have recently presented 9 Apps for Inspections at a construction project and later on we came back with 7 more Apps … Read more

What is Non Conformance Report (NCR)

ncr construction

To those who are not familiar with the “Quality” vocabulary, NCR stands for: “Non Conformance Report “. (personally I prefer the terminology “NonConformity Report” which is actually what is written in the ISO:9001 but discussing quality terminology is way out of the scope of this post…) So what is an NCR in construction? You may probably find some very fancy definitions on the … Read more

Ok Glass. Capture that NCR.

google glass bim construction

It seems like ages ago when people first suggested the use of tablets at construction sites, but today it feels more like something we are all waiting to see it becoming a pretty standard technology in the industry like previous decades were all about CAD solutions, Total Survey Stations or even…computers themselves. Without a doubt … Read more

VIDEO: Was the Collapse of WTC 9/11 a quality issue…?

911 collapse

It’s been 13 years since the Collapse of the WTC buildings on the 9/11/2001. I will not re-produce the thousands of conspiracy theories about the event (a Google search turns up about 16.000.000 results..)  but it’s always good to trust Science, Engineering and…common sense.In the Documentary above, you can watch the very interesting story of Professor Steven E. Jones who … Read more

HANDS HQ : An Online Cloud Tool That Will Transform Completely The Way You Manage Method Statements & Risk Assessments


Normally, we don’t really talk about Health & Safety stuff at QualityInConstruction.com but we recently discovered an online tool that seems really promising. The tool is called HandsHQ and it is introducing a new and innovative way for managing and producing H&S documentation at any construction site. We recently  had a chat with Alexander Green  who is the CEO and Founder of HandsHQ, where we discussed … Read more