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Interview with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt: A Free Tool for Construction Projects.

UPDATE 2022: Geniebelt is now Letsbuilt Apps and SaaS tools for construction industry will soon become a very prominent part of an Engineer’s everyday life at any construction project, anywhere in the world (if not yet). We recently had the opportunity to chat with Gari Nickson from GenieBelt which is a new and free cloud app for construction projects that helps tidying up … Read more

6 TIPS for writing a good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

Inspection and Test Plans are probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on site easy, it will define each party’s responsibilities during the works and after all it will be the “Bible” for compiling the As-Built Packages at the end of the works. More than anything else, the ITP is the … Read more

How an NCR on a Design Change killed 114 People in a few seconds (Hyatt Regency Kansas City Collapse)

Everybody who works in construction knows that things can go wrong. Everybody knows that even the slightest mistake or lapse somewhere can lead to a disaster. Nonconformities in construction industry don’t only lead to “waste” or “dissatisfied” customers. Nonconformities in construction can have disastrous consequences. That was the case for the famous Hyatt Regency hotel walkway collapse in USA. The Hyatt … Read more

5 Problems With Online Collaboration and Document Management Tools in Construction Industry

Online Collaboration and Document Management Cloud solutions for construction industry are everywhere these days. Here are three lists of Apps and Cloud tools for Document Control and Inspections that are on the market at the moment: 7 Cloud-based collaborative solutions for construction industry 9 Apps for inspections on Site 7 More Apps for inspections on site Also, a … Read more

5 Ways To Raise Quality Awareness At Your Site – How Many Of These Are You ACTUALLY Doing?

So you are the new Quality (or QA/QC) Manager of a new amazing construction project. Great! But you want to make things different this time. You probably want to build a great relationship with your Client and his representatives, you  would like to focus on engaging your workforce into a “quality” and “Right First Time” culture, promote … Read more

7 Tips for proper Document Controlling in a construction site

Document Control in a construction site is a very critical process and not settng it up properly from day 0 of the project, could have significant implications to the final product ( or project ). It’s also a quality procedure that needs to be written (and most of the times approved by the Project Manager/Client of the Project) … Read more

Management Review Meetings in a Construction Project

Posted by PIN on Sep 1, 2013 in ISO 9001 | 0 comments Management Review is definitely a clear and important requirement of the ISO:9001 standard. There are many people in the construction industry, who believe that the Management Review in the form of a 6-month or annual meetings is a waste of time. And they are probably right… The main single purpose of a Management Review within an organization, is … Read more

7 Practical Rules to follow when auditing in a Construction Project

Let’s have a look on some very critical rules that have to be followed when auditing in a Construction Project: 1. The audittee (the person who will be audited) should be notified well in advance : (in my opinion 2 weeks before the audit is the minimum) – Audit Schedule and notification has to be in a written format (at least an email notification has … Read more