Qualifications for Quality Management professionals in construction industry

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Professional world is devided in 2 categories. The first category includes people who can describe what they do for living in a single word like: Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Teacher, Architect, Barber, Cook, Accountant etc. Usually these are really old professions which are in great demand during any type of crisis (wars, recessions etc) and some … Read more

Quality Toolbox Talk in Construction

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You can download/buy and modify this presentation: Download Quality Toolbox Talks in Construction can be a very important tool, as they are usually the best way to deliver a message in regards to quality management or quality control in construction and to brief the teams on and off site for something that occured, an NCR … Read more

Why I hate CARs and why you Should Avoid them in construction


CAR is a well known abbreviation to everyone who works in a Quality- related role across all industries (and not only in construction). CAR stands for “Corrective Action Report”. Corrective Actions are probably representing the essence of Quality Management and Lean techniques: you should provide a solution that will fight the root cause of the … Read more

10 Reasons of Why everybody hates Quality Managers in Construction

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If you are a Quality Manager who has worked in at least 3 construction projects you would probably start recognising a pattern: other people on site (even your management sometimes…) hate you! They don’t hate you personally but they hate your role and what you are trying to do. So…here is why: I am obviously … Read more