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Interview with Richard Scott from Priority1

UPDATE 2022: Priority1 is now Viewpoint Fieldview The digitization of the construction industry is gaining more momentum with the use of tablets for site inspections and SaaS platforms, which aim to make everyone’s life on site easier and probably tidier. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Richard Scott , Managing Director of Mobile Computing Systems Ltd, about … Read more

How ISO:9001 2015 Revision impacts Construction

Big News! The new revision of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard is out in all of its glory and it’s bringing quite a lot of changes for organizations and quality professionals. As per IRCA’s and ISO’s statistics, in 2013 there were 1.6 million certificates issued globally and a good percentage of these certificates have to do … Read more

Interview with Doug Chambers from FIELDLENS

UPDATE 2022: In 2017, Fieldlens was acquired by WeWork and it has actually dissapeared from the market completely in 2020 and it is now owned by RedTeam. Doug Chambers is not involved anymore with Fieldlens. It’s not a secret anymore that there is a digital revolution the last years in construction industry, which seems very … Read more