A Team of Specialists who can help you achieve ISO:9001 Certification

We help Contractors, Engineering and Design Firms all over the world to achieve ISO:9001 Certification in an efficient, simple and quick way.

About Us

We are a Team of Engineers with many years of experience as Quality Professionals in construction industry. We have helped contractors all over the world (US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia) achieve their ISO 9001 certification through a simple, quick and hands-on approach that not only built robust and effective quality management systems for their organisations but we also made sure we gave them the right tools to continue implementing and monitoring their processes in the future.

Specifically for Construction Companies

We provide our services specifically to Contractors and Engineering Firms in Construction or Oil & Gas industry. We are Engineers and we know what is required in the industry.

ISO:9001 Audit Representation

We represent your company during the ISO:9001 Certification Audit after preparing your worforce for it.


We carry out a preliminary Gap Analysis to assess the existing management system of your company and how close it is to the ISO:9001 requirements.


We train you on how to maintain your ISO 9001 and how to monitor and implement the quality management system that we built together. We carry out workshops, one-to-one meetings, toolbox talks and quality awareness briefings to your future Quality Managers, Engineers and even your workforce on the field.


We provide all the documentation and other tools required for you to achieve ISO:9001 Certification within an agreed schedule.

1 year follow Up Services

We provide 1 year follow-up services, email and telephone support after achieving ISO:9001 certification.


Why Do You Need ISO 9001 Certification for your Contracting Company?

 ISO:9001 certification provides a strong assurance to your future Clients for almost any construction project (public or private) in the world. It is a fundamental requirement  to even enter the tendering process of some of the biggest and most prestigious projects in the industry, globally and not having it could probably disqualify your company from any bidding.

How Long will it take to achieve ISO:9001 Certification with Us?

That depends on the following:

  • the size of your company (no of employees)
  • the level of readiness of your existing system (how good and detailed it is at the moment)


It can take from 3 months to 1 year to achieve the certification.



Our Services

We operate all over the world and help contractors, design and engineering firms to achieve ISO:9001 Certification and built robust and effective Quality Management Systems.

Setting Up the Quality Management System

Through our experience in construction industry, we can provide you with all therequired documents (plans, procedures, policies, forms, checksheets, Inspection and Test Plans etc) specifically tailored to your company and projects.

ISO:9001 Certification Preparation

We prepare your company and your workforce in order to achieve ISO:9001 Certification. We don’t get paid till you get your ISO:9001 certificate through a recognised Third Party Certification Organization. We also give you the tools and the knowledge on how to maintain your certification for ever.

Quality Training

With our specialists we carry out training, quality awareness briefings and toolbox talks to your workforce on the field .


We carry out internal and external Audits as per ISO:9001 with our team of Certified Lead Auditors who have many years of experience in construction and Oil & Gas industry.

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